Are you looking for
A-level candidates
to fill your company's
critical opening?

Using a unique approach to finding outstanding candidates, First Priority Services
fills critical engineering and operations positions in the aerospace and medical device industries.

Through referral and direct recruiting techniques, we seek out the top players at your competition and attract them to your opportunity.

Typically, you would call us when you are stuck ... after trying every effort at your disposal, to no avail. You've used your own internal recruiters. You've used the low-bid agencies. But still you didn't find the right candidate for your important position.

Why choose First Priority?

We don’t accept every firm as our client. We look for clients that are willing to work outside the box in order to find and fill those critical, hard-to-find, game-changer candidates.

executiveWe are paid to stay focused on your critical opening. First Priority is unique in the information that we secure from our clients. That information is distinctly different from the normal job descriptions used by most firms. We know how to discover the type of information that A-player candidates will respond to.

If your position opening has any unique characteristics or unusual qualities that make it different than positions with a similar title, then we are uniquely positioned and qualified to find the distinct candidate that can satisfy and succeed in that role.

Why we attract the best candidates

Outstanding candidates like working with First Priority because they get tremendous individual attention. They feel secure with our clients and realize that our open position is one of challenge and advancement, one where they can use their talents and experiences to solve problems and move their career forward.

More than 30 years of success,
along with our unique, aggressive approach
to recruitment, makes First Priority Services
your choice to secure the hard-to-find candidates.

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